7 Concepts From The Best Corporate Gifting Company

Corporate Gifting Company

Loyal employees and customers are the ones who make a business flourish. According to the well-known author, Tammy Cohen, “A great employee is like a four-leaf clover – hard to find and lucky to have”. This indeed is very true. A dedicated workforce enables an enterprise to become profitable and reach the desired heights. This if backed by supporting customers and close business associates will help the business to grow further.

Many companies in recent years are embracing corporate gifting strategy for the growth of their company. The Gift Lounge being one of the best corporate gifting company is continuously focussed on innovations in this area. A few new concepts are:

Employee Relationship Kit

When new employees join your company, ensure they receive the warmth that your company is known for. Present them with a unique personalised new employee joining kit. While the items in the welcome kit will entice them, it would also help you to set a connection with them from the very beginning. They will remember the welcome they received on one of the milestone days of their career.

Corporate gifting to employees can also be on various occasions like Diwali, employee engagement, Annual Days or appreciation for their achievements. Check with us for Diwali employee gift ideas and present them with budget friendly items. The kit can be specially curated with items like travel tags, notepads, pens, sipper water bottles and headsets or earphones. All these can be customised with the logo of the company.

Fitness kit

To make the employees feel that you care for them and their well-being, you can also include high-utility gift items which focus on fitness. These can include T-Shirts, water bottles,Yoga Mat, Jump Roles, earphones, and headsets to name a few. These high-quality corporate gifts can be great value for money based on the functionality and utility they provide along with custom branding. This will help you in your marketing and can be an integral part of your planning.

Achievers Kit

With the business growing, there is also a growth in accolades and recognition. The business flourishing is mainly due to the dedication and conviction with which the employees work for the company. This is backed by the loyalty and support provided by the customers and close associates. Quite often, rather than just sending a gift to them to appreciate their contribution, it becomes more important to organise events to acknowledge the achievers. You can also include luxury corporate gifts to appreciate the achievers.

Along with trophies or medals, it becomes important to consider various business gift ideas which are cost-effective as well as can help in strengthening relationships with both employees as well as clientele.

Giving personalised corporate gifts is an excellent way to show them your appreciation of their achievements. The gift items can include apparel, priceless and customised luxury pens – part of the collector’s choice, watches and other unique business gifts.

Based on the achievement, the gifts can further be customised by including the name of the recipient and the achievement. Moreover, these gifts will be an incentive for them to achieve even better the next time. It will also motivate other employees to perform better.

Promotions Kit

Many reputed brands and companies use corporate gifting as one of the key HR strategies. Gifts can be given when employees are promoted or as part of the appraisal process. They can be given to appreciate their contribution and encourage them to perform even better. The promotions kit can consist of merchandise and gift items which can be given based on the reason for gifting.

Client Relationship Kit

client relationships are the business that a company will have with its clients and the way it treats them. It is the way that a business communicates with its existing customers and acknowledges the loyalty shown by them. The appreciation can be given to them through corporate gifts. It is the practice of creating a touchpoint with people closely associated with your company’s business. This would include clients, or prospective clients by sending a gift. The gift can be varied based on the kind of client and customer.

Annual Day Celebration Kit

Annual Days are special as it encapsulates all the great things achieved through the year and acknowledges the achievement and contributions of employees as well as customers. The day can be further enhanced by giving corporate gifts to the deserving.  

Thus, selecting unique and customised corporate gifts and then personalising them with the printing of the company logo can be a challenge. Gift Lounge will relieve you from all these apprehensions and will provide you with solutions. You can choose from an array of gift items and also help you with the printing.

According to statistics, 63% of companies across the globe consider corporate gifting as an excellent marketing tool that helps in developing as well as improving customer relationships with their clients. Moreover, 94% of the top executives feel that corporate gifts help in building close ties which can impact business relationships positively. Likewise, 53% of employees also feel a sense of belonging when they are recognised and rewarded. This can be effectively done by corporate gifting.

There are many corporate gifting companies which have emerged recently and are doing great business both offline as well as online. We, at The Gift Lounge have gained tremendous popularity on the online space.