5 Best New Employee Welcome Kit From The Gift Lounge

5 Best New Employee Welcome Kit

A positive experience for new employees should be from the starting day of their work in a company. The onboarding process is an important requirement for all companies. Not only does a well-executive employee welcome kit sets the tone of the ethos of your company and set expectations but it also positively enhances and motivates them to work with more vigor and enthusiasm. Statistics show that new employees’ performance improves by over 20% when their first week is made enriching. Over a period of time, the onboarding kit will help in the retention of employees and increase dedication.  

As the onboarding process is a quite critical first step for better performance of new employees, an excellent way to ensure they are feeling welcomed is through an interesting new employee welcome kit. A quality employee welcome kit is curated for you by Gift Lounge in line with your business ethos.

Why an interesting employee welcome kit to make the first impression? 

It makes employees feel a sense of belonging and welcome in the new company they are joining. A welcome kit gives a personal touch and developed a connection between you and your employees. This sets the tone for what is expected from your company and how it operates

A few interesting new employee welcome kits

1. The Gift Lounge presents a selection of unique onboarding gifts for new employees, such as apparel, electronics, accessories, and tabletop items, all of which can be customized with the company’s logo

2. Company Profile in the Welcome Kit – An employee welcome kit should include personalized company brochures, joining protocol, stationery, and digital accessories with company logo and branding.

3. Trendy Gadgets -In addition, the welcome kit can include some user-friendly electronic items. In addition to headphones and earphones, Bluetooth-enabled speakers can also be used, as well as wireless stereos and neckbands. Employees are sure to appreciate these products if they are from renowned brands.


4. Apparel – Apparel like hoodies, T-shirts, and jackets can also be part of the welcome kit. Furthermore, it adds more value if they are personalized.

5. Wellness products – The youth are more conscious of health and wellness and adding a couple of such products would be appreciated by the new employees. This can be a sipper, water bottle, or flask to name a few.