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Corporate gifting is a powerful tool to enhance business. It helps develop closer ties and business relationships with customers and employees. It also helps in recognizing the achievements of dedicated employees and builds trust in prized clients and customers. The gifts can vary from budget items to luxury items.

Corporate Diaries

One such corporate gift which is becoming quite popular among companies is the corporate diaries. We offer a wide range of corporate diaries in different designs and colours. Diaries are one of the must items for any professional and are required for their day-to-day activities. When welcoming employees with a new joining kit, a corporate diary should be an item in the kit. It helps in maintaining notes, daily tasks, daily schedules and appointments.

Corporate executive diaries are a great marketing tool where you can personalise them with the company logo and any form of branding of the company. The paper used is usually of high-quality GSM with hardback bidding which can be used for embossing or screen printing the branding of the company. They come in different elegant looks and are a great corporate gift.

Corporate diaries can be given to the customers or employees for any occasion including festivals and achievements. It is most often given at the beginning of the year as a New Year gift by adding the calendar to the diary.  It can also be given for promotional events like the annual day of the company. They are also cost-effective corporate gifts bundled with quality. 

Customized Diary

You can choose corporate diaries running from ruled ones with leather covers to synthetic ones with an attached pen or even a digital one which you can charge and use to record all the notes. They also come in matt finish and some come with inbuilt watches.

The Gift Lounge has a variety of corporate diaries of different sizes, finishes and colour combinations. You can customize it to your requirement by using the expertise of in-house designers.  The corporate diaries can be converted and used as personalised diaries. You can further individualise it by printing the name of the recipient.

Customized Diary Gift

Corporate diaries are also an ideal gift which can become part of the employee welcome kit. It would develop a sense of belonging if the name of the recipient is printed on it. These diaries can be used for official purposes and can be carried out for meetings.

The corporate diaries can be customised to your specifications for gifting, conferences, special corporate events and promotions. As a promotional tool, you can have a sheet with a company profile, company logo, an information page with details of the services and products specific to the target audience, details of the corporate offices or branches and any other relevant information required. It can have different sections divided and separated by coloured pages. The diaries can have flaps or pockets to hold valuables or visiting cards. 

So, the next time you plan for corporate gifts to your customers and employees, consider the option of corporate diaries which have immense benefits and can be carried around easily.

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