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A corporate gift like a sipper water bottle can make the employees and close associates of your company feel acknowledged and valued. It is a thoughtful gift which not only focuses on their wellness but also gives them the satisfaction that the company appreciates their loyalty. Corporate Gifting Strategy is fast picking across all kinds of companies, from small start-ups to big companies. It is one of the most effective investments that you can make which is going to reap long-term benefits.

These gifts can be given to employees ranging from top management to executives of the company as well as business associates, customers and clients. These people are the ones who help the company in the long run so that it can grow multi-fold.

Benefits of Sipper Water Bottles

Sipper bottles are convenient to use and help in hydrating the body. They have multiple uses and can be carried to the workplace, at home as well as for workouts. Most of the sipper bottles have ample space for branding. You can put your company’s logo or branding on it to personalise it further. Sipper bottles are ideal gift items that people like to get due to their utility. They are a fantastic way to show gratitude to your employees, business partners and shareholders. Special occasions like Diwali are excellent times of year to express gratitude. Water sippers are also one of the best options for employee joining kit.

Why should you consider branded water sippers for corporate Diwali gifts this year?

Selecting an appropriate promotional product for your corporate Diwali gift requires a lot of thinking and planning. Here are a few points that reinforce that water sippers are great gifting options for your close associates and employees. Every company needs to follow the culture with customized Diwali gifts for employees and make them feel special. New Year business gifts for employees is also a good practice to follow.


The most critical aspect of corporate gifts is that they need to be useful. It should be something that can be used preferably daily and not only during specific occasions. A sipper bottle fits the bill very effectively and can be used daily.  


The gift item should be a product that stays on top-of-mind recall. This will add value to your company and the reason your employee or customer has received it. A water bottle made from high-quality material will do the needful. Select from a wide range of options so that the product speaks about your company.

Unique & Customisable

While pens, organisers, devices, tabletop items or backpacks are all useful Diwali gifts, in case you want your gift to stand out from the rest, you should consider a unique item. A sipper bottle is unique as it is long-lasting, high-utility and an appropriate gift item which will make the recipient feel valued. Moreover, it can be personalised by adding the desired company logo or branding, of a specific size and colour that reflects the image of the company.

Sipper water bottles – An ideal corporate gift for employees and associates

Keeping yourself hydrated is the starting point of all wellness management. Gifting sipper bottles is one of the latest trends in corporate gifting as companies have realised that the wellness and health of the people associated with them is quite critical. 

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