Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gift Ideas

A variety of corporate gift ideas is trending at a very fast pace in most companies. Corporate gifting has become one of their business growth strategies.

  • Why consider corporate gifting?
  • Why should companies, big, small or start-ups consider corporate gifts to be a way of growing business? 
  • Gifting is an expensive proposition, so why spend that extra money on your clients or employees? 
  • What kind of gifts to choose from specific customers and employees?

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These are the common questions that arise when working out a business strategy. These questions can be easily addressed as gifting is an immediate way of gratification and appreciation to the customers. They feel recognised and valued. Everybody feels good when they receive gift boxes. The same is the case with customers and employees when they receive corporate gifts as a way of recognition for the efforts they put in. Many companies have benefited from this business strategy over the years. It is important that every company gives corporate gifts to clients and build a bond with them. The various corporate gift ideas help in improving the reputation and boosting their growth in the long run.

Ideas for corporate gifts

Looking for some great ideas for corporate gifts? Check out our list of unique gift ideas for your employees and close associates.

If you’re looking for something special for your employees, consider giving them a gift that will last a lifetime. From custom mugs to personalized keychains, we’ve got plenty of options to choose from. We’ve put together a list of some of the best corporate gifts available today. Talk to our experts and they will help you with ideas for corporate gifts. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for an employee who has everything or a fun gift idea for a coworker with a sense of humor, these items are sure to make any occasion memorable. Some of the popular corporate gift items are backapcks, t-shirts, water sippers, mugs, pens, gadgets etc.

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Corporate gifting as a business strategy

Most businesses run due to dedicated employees and loyal customers. It runs on relationships. Ideal corporate gifting ideas would be to give things that match the requirement and profile of the target audience. Giving a personalised gift that is customised with a logo or branding of the company helps in immediate gratification and enhances the business relationship with the customers. The ideas for corporate gifts can vary depending on the clientele as well as on the occasion.

Gifting Ideas Based On Special Occasions

Gifting is quite common during a mega-festival like Diwali or when a special milestone is achieved or a project is accomplished. Diwali corporate gifts to employees is one such idea. It is also common after the accomplishment of a business deal, getting a new project or expansion. It also can be done on occasions like introducing a new product or service. At times, gifts can also be given during an event organised by the company like a sports event or achievement event. Employees also need to be valued and recognized often to express that their valuable contributions to the company are acknowledged.

Theme Based Business Gifting

You can consider items from a variety of corporate gifting ideas. It is quite easy to buy a set of gifts from a gift shop and give it to your customers or employees. However, it is suggested that they are planned in a more structured way and are part of your marketing strategy. The items need to be chosen with great care and should be according to the theme of the corporate gifting occasion. It should also be according to the profile of the customers and employees. Consider setting up a corporate gifting strategy with a collection of gifting ideas. You can start with actionable ideas for gifting your clients, employees, and prospects.

How can corporate gifting help in the growth of your business?

Consider a variety of corporate gifting ideas to enhance your business growth. There are different ways they can help which include:

  • Enhancing customer relationships
  • Helps in developing a good-will and feeling recognised 
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves brand loyalty and reputation

Choosing corporate gift items for the target audience

The gifting ideas can be based on your business strategy and you can consider from budget gifting to luxury corporate gifting depending on your requirement. You should keep in mind the intention behind the gifting. Other aspects to be kept in mind are the profile of your customers, their age groups and logistics.

It is important that your clientele feel valued and acknowledged for their contributions. Make it more personalised by customising them with a business logo. If you are keen to have the logo on the corporate gifts, have a plan on how you would like it to be. Would you consider embossing them, engraving or printing the logo or branding on the gifts?

Another critical aspect that needs to be kept in mind is the timing of the gifting. You should keep in mind that gifting should be done subtly. It should not seem like a bribe but a token of gratitude for their contribution to enhancing your business. You should understand your customer’s personal preferences. This will help in giving fits that resonate with their personality. 

Corporate gifting has moved from sending gifts to family, friends, colleagues, customers or employees during special occasions like Diwali gifting. It is now used effectively in welcoming new employees or clients. Today, there are a variety of corporate gifts, be it for employee welcome gifts, farewell gifts, gift boxes for performance or meeting a business target. Gifting has become an important component of the business model of start-ups and new emerging companies.

Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

We have the expertise in providing high-quality corporate gifts for employees in different categories and budgets. You can consider a variety of corporate gift ideas like electronics, accessories, apparel, drinkware, backpacks and table top items. You can even gift luxury gift items to your top management for helping your business reach great heights. These items can be priceless pens, wallets, diaries and apparel from high-end brands.

Our in-house experts can guide you in customising corporate gifts with your company logos. We can help you in providing the branding based on the occasion for which the corporate gift is given to your employees.