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Diwali Corporate Gifts

Diwali corporate gifts is a celebration of giving that the companies extend to their employees and customers. This is one of the most prominent festivals in India where it is a trend to give corporate gifts. Promotional gifting during mega festivals like Diwali has evolved over the years. It has moved towards gifting to build connections and closer ties with employees and customers and express their gratitude. Sweets, dry fruits, tabletops, electronic accessories, gadgets, household and kitchen accessories can be as diwali gifts for employees. Be it a remote workstation, head office or branch offices we ensure that the festival bounty is delivered to your staff.

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Dry Fruits & Nuts
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Diyas & Candles
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Hamper Types

Deepavali is an occasion where companies express their gratitude for the support and loyalty of their employees. There are many types of gift hampers and gift ideas that you can choose from.

Diwali Gifts for Employees

It adds a whole lot of value when the companies carefully pick and choose corporate Diwali gifts for employees. Customized corporate Gifting portrays that the firm cares for its workforce and wants to express that they are valued. It develops a sense of belonging and that they take care of its employees by gifting them useful items. However, being a corporate, it becomes quite difficult for you to decide on budget Diwali gifts for employees. We provide Diwali gift ideas for corporates and are here to assist you with the buying process.

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Corporate Diwali Gift Items

Categories Items
Sweets Laddoo, Peda, Barfi, Assorted Sweet Box
Gourmet Dryfruits, Nuts, Chocolates, Healthy Snacks
Cooking Appliances Stoves, Rice Cookers, Roti Makers
Kitchen Appliances Coffee Makers, Blenders, Toasters
Gadgets Smart Watch, Airpodes, Headphones

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Consider the following points;

  • Budget corporate Diwali gift items
  • Household and kitchen accessories for employees
  • Luxury items for the top management
  • Customized Diwali gifts for employees
  • Apparel gifting for the festival

Types of presents

A few years back, Diwali gifting by corporates quite often meant following the tradition of presenting sweets or dry fruits. It also included buying religious idols or items pertaining to puja. However, over the years, the tradition of Diwali gifting ideas has evolved to items made out of precious elements like silver idols or gold coins. Gold and silver Diwali gift ideas for corporates range from silver cutleries to luxury pens with silver nibs or serving sets. This has further evolved with technological advancements. Today the gift ideas have shifted to office accessories, stationery, tabletop items and luxury gift items. As corporates you can rely on us for ideas on festival gifting. To give a personal touch, many companies consider customizing corporate Diwali gifts with their logo or branding. Also consider checking out our collection of budget Diwali gifts for employees.

Hampers for Employees

Diwali gift hampers for corporate are one of the best ways to surprise and recognize your employees contribution towards the company. Employees are an integral part of any organisation. It is important they feel a sense of belonging and are valued by the company they work for. Diwali is a perfect time of the year when you can surprise them and appreciate their contributions. Employees, clients and associates are the people who help a  business to grow.  Satisfied employees help in strengthening the business by connecting effectively with the clients and investors. They are the best advocates for the business and they can promote it with great conviction and dedication. We can help you with some unique corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees and present to you and your team. With the advent of e-commerce, corporate gifting becomes simpler where companies can choose from a range of corporate Diwali gifts be it budget items or luxury items. We can work towards the concept of hampers and get more Diwali gift ideas for corporates.

The gift items should be chosen in such a way that they are cherished and gives a positive experience. If the items or gift hampers focus on adding more comfort to the employees or associates, it is valued even more.  Add a surprise element to the gifting like a utility item or something personalised according to the character or personality of the employee. This will make the employees feel important and recognized.  Personalised corporate gifts always help in bonding with your employees. If you add their name on the gift with the logo of the company, it would make it extra special. You can reach out to us for ideas on corporate gifting during Diwali. 

Buy unique budget Diwali gift items for employees

You can now shop budget Diwali gift items for employees and close associates with ease. Based on your selection of items, corporate gift hampers can be developed and customised on Diwali. It can be an assortment of sweets, electronic goods or traditional, however you may like. The choices are plenty and varied, thus making your buying decision easier. We can give you ideas on Diwali gift hampers for corporate. Remember that we are here to assist you throughout your buying journey.

In case you are planning to onboard new hires during Diwali condsider greeting them with an employee joining kit.

We provide a variety of apparel, electronics, accessories, office tools and branded luxury gift items. Rest assured that The Gift Lounge will help you with customisation on the items with your logo and branding.

Diwali is the time of the year when people buy new things for themselves. Along with the festivities and tradition, an important part of Diwali is the exchange of gifts. It is not only crucial to give gifts to each other among family and friends but also to corporates. It is the time of the year when, as a tradition, most companies give gifts to their employees, clients, prospects and other business associates. Shop with us for one of a kind experience.

Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas Infographic

Customized Diwali Gifts for Employees

You can enhance your brand identity by offering gifts for Diwali to Employees. This festival is also the time of the year, when you can express your gratitude to your employees or associates for the loyalty that they have shown towards your business. Consider a few unique and useful corporate Diwali gifts for your clientele. This could be luxury items like priceless pens, cool and elegant wireless gadgets or wireless earphones, headsets, desktop lamps to name a few. Buy best Diwali gifts for corporates from us with cost effective pricing. Rest assured you will receive the best products and services. Presents during Diwali to your staffs will make them feel happy and valued. Festivals are a best occasion to gift the family of your employees. Induction stove and products alike is the best example.

Diwali Gifts to Clients

Every client is an important asset and needs to be taken care of. Giving Diwali gifts to clients will acknowledge their contribution. They will feel valued and appreciated. If you are a company that believes in taking care of your clients, it would be ideal to give them customized Diwali gifts based on their choices and liking. Choose from a variety of customized Diwali Gifts for your clients. They are available at different budgets and can be made specific to your company with your business logo and branding.

Diwali Gift Ideas For Corporates

Diwali is the time of year when there is festivity in all parts of the country and all homes. It is also the time of the year when giving gifts is at its peak. We provide Diwali gift ideas for corporates which range from kitchen accessories, electronics, backpacks, apparel and many more. Companies express their gratitude through Diwali gifts to their employees, clients, customers (both existing as well as prospective ones) and close business associates. There is a huge collection of gift hampers and Diwali gift ideas available with us for companies to consider from.

Some of the great Diwali gift ideas for corporates that we can give you are; utilities, kitchen accessories, foodware and household gift sets. Diwali corporate gift is an excellent way to express gratitude to your employees, clients and business partners. Giving presents to your workforce and close associates has now become easy. Partner with us for a hassle free festival gifting experience. We can work out on a concept keeping in mind your company culture.

At The Gift Lounge, we have a wide collection of Diwali gifts, especially for corporates. You can choose corporate gifts appropriate for your target audience based on the budget. We offer a variety of Diwali gift ideas for corporates to make it easy for you to select the gift item appropriate for your clientele.

Best Diwali Gifts for Employees

There are a whole variety of corporate Diwali gifts that you can choose from The Gift Lounge exclusively for your employees. Some of them are;

Office Stationery – This can range from prominent corporate gifts like branded pens, journals, desktop items, notepads, and corporate diaries.  

Bags and Apparel – you can give away travel bags or backpacks to your employees with the company logo and branding to store their belongings and laptops. A variety of apparel also can be given to your employees.  

Household Accessories – There are a variety of household accessories which are ideal corporate gift ideas for employees like lunch box, coffee maker, induction cook-top and other household items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies can choose diwali gifts for employees depending on the theme of gifting and keeping in mind the culture of diwali. Some of the corporate diwali gift items for your employees are chocolates, dry fruits, nuts, regular gadgets and household accessories.

You can consider giving some of our luxury gift items for your clients during diwali. You can also include regular gifts like sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, diaries & t-shirts. Read more.. diwali gift ideas for corporates.

Diwali is one of the most highly celebrated festival in India. Corporate gifting for diwali will only strengthen the bonds with your employees and clients. You can allocate this festive gifting towards employee welfare and business promotions.

Yes. We can personalize the hampers as per client requirements. We can include different products in the hampers and also we have options for baskets.

We deliver the diwali gifts to your corporate and also equipped to home deliver them to your employees or clients. We also specialize in custom printing the gift items with your logo.