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Apparel form an ideal idea for corporate gifting for clients, associates or employees. You can customise the corporate clothing line with your company’s logo or branding. It can also have branding specific to a particular occasion like for a recognition event, special programs like sports day or the launch of a product or service.

Customised apparel as gifting ideas

Customised apparel can be used to acknowledge a job done well by the employees of a team, celebrate new working relationships or for a special occasion or festivities. Diwali gifts for employees and customers are one such way to build bond. There is a variety of gifting options from celebrated brands offered by the Gift Lounge e-commerce portal. They can be used to recognise and communicate to employees, associates or clients how much they are valued for their contributions to the company.

The collection of apparel includes corporate gift items like T-shirts, polo T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and sweaters to name a few. They all can be easily customised with your company logo or any form of branding printed on them. The customisation can be done by laser etching on sweaters or T-shirts, embroidery or printing.

It is quite critical to create your brand recognition to have your company on top of mind recall and promote the business amongst employees or other stakeholders. Corporate gifts for employees can be in the form of a wide range of apparel like T-shirts, caps, jackets, and hoodies which can be customised as per the company’s requirement.


Why choose The Gift Lounge for apparel gifting?

As one of the leading customised apparel providers, we offer an impressive company image along with strengthening the brand value. The apparel gifted to employees will make them feel valued and recognised. It resonates with the company’s values and builds an image of care. Including T-shirts in the welcome kit for new employees are one of the best ways to enhance your brand identity. The apparel can be either gender-specific or unisex available in a variety of sizes and colour combinations. Apparels can also be given as new year gifts for employees. Colour combination and design for the apparel can be chosen and they will be customised according to the requirement.

The Gift Lounge offers apparel from leading brands like Scott, and Adidas which are well known for their superior quality, comfort, fit and design.  They are also available at affordable print and they can be ordered in bulk. The customised apparel with the company logo is an extension of the promotional and marketing strategy of the company and they have many benefits like strengthening the image of the brand, recognition of the employees and developing a professional and people-oriented brand image. The competitive prices offered by Gift Lounge for high quality branded apparel make the customised and printed apparel value for money gift items.

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