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Diwali Corporate Gifts Season Specials

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Corporate gifts is an effective way to build a bonding and brand reputation for your business among your employees, associates and clients. Gifting generates a sense of belonging and acknowledge the loyalty of your customers towards your company. Office gifting also helps build a reputation for the company further leading to more business from referrals.

In the world of business, gifting can also be your first stepping stone in building long-term relationships with your employees or clients. It enables you to make an impression on them. Gifting employees also indicates an affirmation of your gratitude to them for their good work and commitment. The Gift Lounge – a one-stop e-commerce shoppe for corporate gifting to your prized clientele and employees in India.

Corporate Gifts

Encouraging Employees With Corporate Gifts

By giving enthralling corporate gifts to employees and associates, you, as a corporate, can consider gifting as a strategy. With this you can recognise employees who have been serving the company with a lot of commitment and promise. Office gifting can be an excellent tool for encouraging their good efforts. Corporate gifts for employees can range from electronics, table-top accessories, apparel, backpacks or drinkware. You can even gift a combination of these items and develop an employee corporate gifting hamper or kit. On-boarding with a welcome kit for employees is one of the fantastic ways to greet them.

3 points to consider when gifting to employees and close associates;

  • Business gifts can be inexpensive and elegant
  • Corporate gifting boxes can be personalized
  • Corporate gifting during festival adds brand value

Business gifts can be inexpensive and elegant

Business gifts is one of the public relations strategies used to build a reputation for the company. Client gifts can be a gesture of appreciation when your customers have been supporting your company, product or services for a while. Reward your workforce for their dedication, commitment and contribution. You can choose from a variety of corporate gift items. Business gifting can be inexpensive and stylish like a simple tabletop item or an accessory. These gift items will certainly help in building the brand identity. Apparel like a T-shirt for a special event organised by your company like for a sports day or recognition ceremony will help in building a connection with the employees. The corporate t-shirts are economical and is a common merchandise given to employees and close associates.

We offer a wide range of business gifts for employees and clients across all categories and budgets. If you are considering giving corporate gifts to your top management or special customers, we also offer luxury gift items. This includes branded wallets, collector’s choice fountain pens and ballpoint pens. You can choose gift items from a variety of high-end well-known brands.

Corporate gifting boxes can be personalized

The corporate gifting boxes have ample space where the company’s logo or branding can be engraved or printed. It helps in establishing the brand value as well as keeping it on a top-of-the-mind recall. Planning your finances around this is usually crucial for your business. We can help you choose options within your business gifting budget as well. You can consider the option of having a collection of items packed together in a corporate gifting box.  You can even consider a gift box with an exclusive luxury corporate gift to your customer. It is important to express your gratitude and acknowledge their loyalty towards your company and product. Boxes or hampers are best given during Diwali corporate gifting. Engraving the logo of your company and gifting the item would result in a lasting impression on your loyal customers. We ensure the gifts are packed in elegant gift boxes.

Corporate gifting during festival adds brand value

Companies irrespective of their size look at giving gifts to their employees and associates on festive occasions. Diwali corporate gifts for employees and clients are a good practice and encourages bonding between each other. Corporate gifting has gone beyond special occasions like Diwali or New Year. It is also now considered for welcoming new customers or employees. Apart from these, they can also be given as welcome gifts, recognition of achievement, farewell gifts and promotional products. This has become a new trend among young start-up companies.

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“The Culture of Gifting Can Influence Your Employees And Close Associates”

Corporate gifts to clients

Corporate gifting is an important aspect especially when it comes to building bonds with the clients. Clients or a customer plays a major factor in the growth and success of any company. It is not necessarily the costing or quote that makes the customer stay loyal to your brand; it has now more to do with the rapport and relationships. One of the best ways to build relationships is by giving corporate gifts to clients. We have a wide range of options and can help you choose the perfect gift kit for your clients or customers.

Expertise as corporate gift suppliers

As corporate gift suppliers we ensure that you have various options for gifting available with you. You are also certain to receive the best customer service from us. You can choose from a wide variety of gift items and get ideas for your esteemed clients, employees or associates. Most of the accessories, apparel, electronics or tabletop gifts are quite affordable and can be ordered in bulk. You can also choose from high-end luxury items. There is something in each category and for every budget. We offer printing or engraving of the logo or your company’s branding which is our core competence. Moreover, we will ensure your chosen products are delivered on time without any hassle or damage to products. We are one of the leading corporate gifting companies in Bangalore, India. Stop by and experience exceptional customer service.

Range of corporate gifts

We provide a well-curated collection of corporate gifts which range from T-Shirts, Jackets, hoodies from brands like Scott in the apparel section, speakers, power banks, tabletops like fans, memo pads, photo frames in the electronics section and accessories section has a wide variety of items like leather gifts, travel organisers, travel cases and travel backpacks to name a few. There is also a wide range of official essentials offered which can become part of the employee joining kits or hampers. Below are some of the ranges of promotional gifts items we provide;

  • Customized T-shirts: This is popular corporate gift items opted by many companies irrespective of their size. You can gift a specific branded t-shirt by further individualizing it with your company logo.
  • Customized Mugs: You can order mugs which can be customized by printing a specific image of your choice or message along with your company logo.
  • Customized Backpacks: These are one of the basic accessories required at the workplace or for a trip. A customized backpack will add more value and make your branding stand out.
  • Customized Water Sippers: Choose from a range of water sippers and we will help you customize it with your logo or branding.

Business gifting as a goodwill gesture

Giving gifts by businesses to their close associates has become an integral part of developing and maintaining closer ties. Corporate gifting helps in expressing your heartfelt gratitude to customers, employees or clientele. It is also a goodwill gesture to build a regular connection with them. It reinforces the fact that your company cares and values their conviction and commitment towards your company. You can also improve your reach as these loyal customers will spread the word about your business to their business associates. This is a healthy practice and helps in enhancing the productivity of the company.

If you are looking for high-end luxury products, we have a collection of luxury gift items. These items are from brands that can be added to the connoisseur’s collection. To name a few are ballpoint pens, fountain pens, leather wallets, combo products, multi-organiser diaries.

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Corporate gifts for employees

Corporate Gifts for employees are one of the most important activity that any company should follow. The commitment of this workforce to the company can help in making the company grow multifold. You must regularly make them feel valued so that you build a sense of connection with them. Employees put in a lot of hard work throughout the year. If you give them a personalised corporate gift, it will boost their morale and motivate them to perform even better.  They will feel that the company is acknowledging their work.

The Gift Lounge offers a whole gamut of promotional gifts for employees that you can choose from ranging from apparel, electronics, accessories or tabletops. You can customise it with your company logo and branding. To make it even more special you can personalise them with their name or any tagline.

Gifting experience with The Gift Lounge

The Gift Lounge strives to ensure a smooth online gifting experience with its expertise.

We ensure complete customer satisfaction with easy and timely delivery of gift items. We also print the message, logo or branding of your choice. With our expertise as corporate gift suppliers, we can even help you choose the corporate gifts based on the occasion or requirement.


Vishal Srivastava – Uability

Awesome service. I found Gift Lounge online to get custom designed employee kits for my company Uability and was not sure either the quality is going to be good enough or not cause you can judge based on images, but trust me when I received my order it was awesome, quality of the product is really amazing. Really trusted and recommended 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate gifts help in improving the brand value and loyalty to the company. It also helps in acknowledging the efforts of the employees and customers.

Yes, all gifts can be customised by the printing or engraving the logo or branding of the company as required.

We have associates who ensure timely delivery. You also can keep a track of your order through the website. You would receive regular notification on the location of your consignment.

The Gift Lounge provides a guarantee on the items we provide. We also ensure the replacement of a damaged item.

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