Cosmos Pro – Voice Assistant Enabled Calling Watch


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The Pebble Cosmos Pro – Voice Assistant-enabled calling watch is a luxury gift item that you can consider giving your clients and employees. This sleek smartwatch is Bluetooth enabled so that calls can be answered as well as made. The device’s built-in storage can store songs and music as well as perform tasks using voice recognition. It has a 1.7’’ HD LCD display and monitors 24×7 SpO2, heart rate and blood pressure. The Lithium battery is long-lasting and can be for 15 days on standby. It helps in monitoring fitness and outdoor activities. 

  • Voice Assistant-enabled calling watch
  • Inbuilt storage for songs
  • TWS Connectivity
  • Sports Modes
  • Multiple Watch Faces
  • 24x7 SpO2
  • HR & BP monitoring
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