Foldable Neck Pillow


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Travel in style with the foldable neck pillow made of memory foam. It is a space-saving ergonomically designed pillow for the neck. The memory foam softens and gets automatically adjusted to the weight of the head providing maximum comfort. It is easily foldable and offers enhanced support and relaxation to your neck and body. Its raised back provided the necessary extra comfort. It is washable and foldable into a small pouch. This travel accessory is a perfect company gift with adequate space for printing your company’s logo or branding. It is convenient for all forms of travel be it aeroplane, train or road trip.

  • Memory foam neck pillow with hoodie
  • Hoodie protect your head from cold breeze or sun set
  • Also covered your eyes & ears allowing comfortable & quite sleep
  • Washable: cover can be removed & washed
  • Ideal usage all forms of travel (air, road, rail, etc)
  • Ample branding space
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