Foldable Sports Bag


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The Swiss Military Foldable sports bag is an excellent gift item that can be given as a corporate gift to young employees and trendy customers. It is a foldable bag and when expanded it can function as a sports bag. The bag is ideal for taking you to the gym or playing sports. Due to its ability to be folded into a small pouch, it takes up little space inside a backpack. It is water-resistant and made of 100% polyester. It has sturdy and durable zippers. While folding the bag, the zip needs to be closed by pushing the extra fabric inside.

  1. Can be folded and expanded in to a sports bag.
  2. Carry it as a small pouch.
  3. Foldable / Portable.
  4. Water resistant material.
  5. Material: Mini rib stop (100% polyester).
  6. Durable fabric for cleaning ease.
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