Free Flow Organizer


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Corporate gifting would be valued when you give your customers and employees a Swiss Military Free Flow Organiser. It is a compact and sleek item which can be kept easily in the handbag without taking up much space. It can keep all accessories in an organised manner.  This can include sunglasses, cash, cell phones, cosmetics, cards, USBs and passports. All these items can be kept in different slots with the help of special elastic nylon bands. These will not damage the things kept in the slots. The organizer is available in black and red colour. 


  1. Portable and compact, Easily stored in handbag.
  2.  Store everything in a compact, tidy and easy way.
  3.  Perfect for holding cosmetics, cell phones, cards, cables sunglasses, money, USB, passport etc.
  4.  Easily remove all belongings and re-store in new bag hassle – free.
  5.  Multiple slots to organize your belongings.
  6.  Material : Special elastic nylon woven bands for dedicate holding and optimal grip of products.
  7.  Colour: Black & Red.
  8.  Dimension: L: 29.5 x W: 14.3 (In cms)
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