Gift Set Hugo Boss Pure Black And Keyring


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Venture into luxury corporate gifting with Hugo Boss Pure Black Ballpoint Pen and Keyring Gift set. This is a perfect gift for your esteemed customers to acknowledge their contribution to your company. This high-end ballpoint pen and keyring combination comes in an elegant gift set. This gift set can be customised with the company logo and branding. It is a sophisticated chrome-plated ballpoint pen and keyring have minimal design. It is part of the Essential Collection of Hugo Boss. The Hugo Boss Pure Black Ballpoint Pen and Keyring Gift set are beautifully crafted and have minimalistic design. The signature logo of the brand is deeply engraved making it seem sleek. The beautiful gift box can be further customised as per your requirement.

  • Gift set featuring a ballpoint pen and a USB keyring/pen drive
  • Black resin ballpoint with chrome-plated finish
  • Unscrew keyring to use the drive
  • 16 GB USB drive
  • Presented in a beautiful gift box
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