Hut shape wooden LED clock with temperature


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This gift item is a cute as well as an elegant item that can be part of the corporate gift kit. It is a premium USB clock made of wood. It works on power saving mode and switches off when not being used. As soon as the display is turned on, a sound is heard. It is sound-sensitive and touch-sensitive. It has two power options, either it can work on a 3x AAA battery or USB. To add to the benefit, it has built-in time memory so that the time setting does not change. Moreover, it also has a triple alarm function so that it can be set up to 3 alarms daily. 


  • Premium USB clock made of  actual wood
  • Touch and sound sensitive: turns on display by sound when in power saving mode
  • Triple alarm function: Set up to 3 daily alarms
  • Built in time memory to keep time setting intact when not in use
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