Joining Kits

New Joining Kits

Companies across the globe try out different strategies to motivate employees, especially those who are joining new and eager to start their tenure. These companies welcome and inspire them with unique joining kits, welcome letters and other means of employee satisfaction. An employee welcome kit helps in developing positivity towards the company. The joining kit can consist of anything from an aesthetically designed welcome letter to a complete array of office gifts. It is completely dependent on the culture and ideology of the company.

With the rise of virtual as well as hybrid work schedules, joining kits for employees have become very important. Onboarding them with a kit has become the industry norm for welcoming new employees to the company’s philosophy and values. It inspires and retains the best talents and moreover helps in developing a long-term commitment to the company.

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Benefits of onboarding joining kits to companies

An appealing joining kit given to the recruits shows that you care about them and there is a sense of belonging. It also enhances the trust of the employees in the company they are joining. A few benefits to the company are:

  • Enhances the on-job performance of the new joiners: it is seen that an effective onboarding program can help in improving the performance of the employees. Encouraging and inspiring them with a well-thought-out employee kit can be an effective strategy.
  • Improves retention of employees and helps them to continue with the company for the long term.
  • Develops a sense of commitment when new employees are welcomed by the company. Few companies provide a virtual tour with information about the various departments and company culture along with a welcome kit.

Commonly, a joining kit would comprise a welcome letter, branded merchandise of the company with the company logo, stationery, induction box, company brochure and required information about the company.