LB8 3 in 1 Office Backpack Cum Sling Handbag


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Gift the Swiss MIlitary 3-in-1 Office Backpack Cum Sling Handbag as a corporate gift to your customers and top management employees. It is a multi-utility handbag with compartments to keep various things like files, folders and accessories like cables and chargers. To keep the laptop safe and intact, the compartment has padding with an elastic band.  It has a widened luggage belt as well to carry it around to work or meetings. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable to ensure comfort. The handbag also has a mesh pocket to keep the power bank in case the mobile runs out of battery. Apart from this, there is also a USB charging socket. 

  1. Separate compartment to keep files, folders, CD’s, cables, chargers and accessories.
  2. Padded compartment with elastic band to keep up to wide screen 15.6” laptop.
  3. Widened luggage Belt.
  4. Padded, Adjustable shoulder straps.
  5. Welded logo.
  6. Separate mesh pocket to keep power bank.
  7. Metal fixtures.
  8. Buckle lock shoulder strap.
  9. USB Charging Socket.
  10. Power bank pocket with a built-in USB cable.
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