Noblia Radha Krishna Fountain Pen


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The Noblia Radha Krishna Fountain Pen is an elegant and luxury gift item that can be given to your esteemed customers and top management. It is a premium item with the idol of Lord Radha Krishna engraved in it.  The nib is of stainless steel with 18K gold plating. It is of limited edition and only 228 pieces are manufactured with the unique Lord Radha Krishna idols. It is made of brass and antique silver and the barrel is of 23k gold plating. Noblia Radha Krishna Fountain Pen also has 7 pieces of  Swarovski stones to give an elegant look. The pen is packed in a classy wooden box which is specially handcrafted for storing the pen.

  • German made stainless steel nib with 18K gold plating
  • Limited Edition of 228 pieces
  • Body made from hi-grade brass with antique silver plating
  • 23K gold plating on the barrel
  • 7 pieces of Swarovski stones embellish the pen
  • Presented in a hand crafted wooden box with lacquer finishing
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