Quikrite Classic Journal Brown Combo


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Pennline Quikrite Classic Journal Brown Combo is an excellent corporate gift that you can consider giving to your clientele and employees. It is made of premium leatherette and contains replaceable notebooks. It can hold as many as three Quikfills and the combination can be as per the preference of the user. Pennline Quikrite Classic Journal Brown Combo is compact and easy to carry around in the workplace as well as for business. This journal has a utility pouch for holding cards, bills or any documents. It has enough space to print the branding or corporate logo on it and personalise it by embossing the message of your requirement.

  • Premium leatherette-jacket - useful inside, beautiful outside
  • Contains replaceable notebooks (Quikfills) - when a notebook fills up, swap it for a fresh one, while retaining the jacket
  • Holds up to three Quikfills - choose the number and combination you want
  • Compact and easy to carry - not that much bigger than your smartphone
  • Utility pouches for carrying cards, bills and documents - leave your wallet behind if you wish
  • Personalised embossing available - make it yours and leave it special forever
  • Quikfill paper may not be suitable for certain fountain pens.
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