Sailor KOP Urushi Bordeaux Fountain Pen


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Sailor KOP Urushi Bordeaux Fountain Pen is a unique, luxury gift item. You can gift it to your close valued customers and top management. This pen is part of the Bespoke Collection of the brand. The KOP or King of Pen fountain pen has a 21k solid gold rhodium-plated King of Pen nib. Sailor KOP Urushi Bordeaux Fountain Pen comes in a deep burgundy finish and is large. It has a rounded cap with a streamlined shape. The pen is handcrafted from ebonite. It is then covered with about 12 coats of Urushi lacquer. It gets a modern look and feel with rhodium. It is a perfect luxury gift item and comes in an elegant gift box which can be customised with the company logo.

  • Material: Ebonite
  • Nib: 21K Gold with Rhodium plating
  • Size: 20.0 x 153.5mm / Weight: 32.8g
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