New Employee Onboarding Welcome Kit for Employers

Employee Onboarding

Welcome your new employees with an innovative Employee Onboarding Welcome Kit

Offer your new Employee an On-boarding  Kit as a long-lasting first impression. Designed by The Gift lounge and make them feel involved. Employees start their careers with a company with a lot of aspirations. They are eager to take up the challenges bestowed on them provided the environment they work in is conducive. Certainly, as an employer, you should be considering ways to make your employees comfortable and facilitate a smooth onboarding process.

Gifting them an employee welcome kit is one of the strategies which has shown a lot of value. According to statistics of research done by Brandon Hall Group, companies with a unique and strong onboarding process helps in the retention of recruits by 82%.  This is an encouraging sign as retention of employees is a critical Human Resources strategy.  In today’s ever-competitive business environment, this has become a retention strategy as well as a necessity.

It is important to spread the message among the recruits that they are valuable to the company as other team members. The onboarding welcome kit will enable them to understand the ethos and culture of the company.  The Gift Lounge has the necessary expertise and experience in guiding companies in the selection of a perfect employee onboarding employee kit matching with the culture of the company.

 Employee Onboarding Welcome Kit is an excellent way to make your employees feel valued and included in your company. Consider welcoming your new employees with an appealing and well-compiled onboarding welcome kit. It can include the basic brochures and information about your company along with gifts, stationery as well as accessories needed for their workstation.

The suggested items that can be included in the onboarding welcome kit are : 

  1. A welcome letter with a personalized welcome message will help in building a connection with the new employee. 
  2. Company’s Brochure/Prospectus to give an overview of the company and its functioning and services will help the new recruit to understand the company in detail.  
  3. Personalized apparel with company logo and branding printed on it. Gift Lounge has the expertise in printing the desired branding.  
  4. Digital Accessories 
  5. Wellness items like water bottles and kettles can help in maintaining health.