Hugo Boss Bold Black Ballpoint Pen


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Gift your associates and valuable customers a Hugo Boss Bold Black Ballpoint pen as a token of appreciation.  It is made of brass with a shiny dark chrome finish. It has chrome-plated clips and trims and has black ink.  It is an ideal luxury gift to your associates to express your gratitude for their contribution to your business. It has got a classy look and it can be further customised with your company’s branding and logo. Hugo Boss Bold Black Ballpoint Pen is  refillable with Parker style refills. It comes in elegant packing and the ballpoint pen works in smooth twist-mechanism.

  • Brass body in shiny, dark chrome finish
  • Textured finish with a glossy appearance
  • Chrome plated clip and trims
  • Classic and elegant look
  • Refillable with Parker style refill
  • Presented in an elegant gift box
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