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Welcome your new employee with an interesting and well-compiled corporate onboarding kit. The kit can include an assortment of gifts, stationery, tabletop accessories. They can be customised and branded with the logo and colours of the company. This will help the new employees feel comfortable and valued in the organisation. The new hire welcome kit is usually gifted to the new joinees during onboarding on Day 1 of their work.

The joining kit for new employees are increasingly becoming popular to inculcate the company’s culture. A well-thought-out employee welcome kit can include useful items. This will instantly make them feel comfortable in their new work environment. A new employee joining kit will also encourage them to start their work with more rigour. These kits and welcome boxes can also be considered as an ice breaker with seniors and colleagues.

Employee Welcome Kit

Reasons to invest in welcome kit for new employees

  • A great strategy to inject the company’s culture
  • A feel-good and energised onboarding experience
  • Instant gratification and appreciation with a sense of belonging
  • Inclusion of useful information like brochures, company profiles, details of services and goods in the joining kits or boxes

New hire welcome kit as a tool for welcoming new hires

There is quite often a question arising among corporates on when is the ideal time to introduce joining kit to the new employees. They can be introduced at different points like the new joinee kit can be sent before their start date to their homes to express your excitement to welcome them or surprise them on their first day of work by placing the kit on their workstation.

Another interesting strategy is to wait for about a week or fortnight before they join and then make a joining kit for the employee based on their interests and gift them. This would make it more personalised and they will feel acknowledged. It is important for every company to adopt onboarding kits as a corporate gifting strategy.

Irrespective of when you decide to give the new employee joining kit, for it to be more effective, it should be thought-through. Office gifts should be made special for the new employees so that they can cherish them.

“Enhance your recruitment plan with employee welcome kits”

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The Gift Lounge offers amazing and interesting value-for-money employee gift ideas to suit your requirement for joining kit. This includes:

Customized Apparel

You can choose from a whole range of apparel from high-end brands and customize them. They can range from t-shirts, casual hoodies, polo necks, and jackets specific for both genders. The customization of apparels can be based on the colours of your choice along with the company logo. You can also choose from unisex fits or specific sizes based on your requirement and preferences. Customized apparel is also one of the best diwali gift ideas for corporates. T-shirts are a basic item that includes in a new employee joining kit.

Office Supplies Gifting

Table table accessories, premium pens, memo pads, and table lamps are ideal choices for corporate gifts for employees. Choose from a wide range of them from different brands and customise them as per your requirements with your company logo. The business gifts can also be catering to the requirements of work from home option.

Gadget And gadget Accessories For Employees

Accessories are a perfect gift option for new employees. As they are tech-savvy, you can consider customised mobile stands, photo frames, laptop sleeves, USB, speakers, and headphones. Select from a wide range of gadget accessories to develop a bonding with the new joiners.

All In One Employee Welcome Kit

Your onboarding kit can be a collection of a variety of customised gifts.  The best welcome kit for new employees can include items like coffee mugs, sipper water bottles, T-shirts, office supplies, and memo pads.  You can add in gadgets or accessories required for working on campus or working from home. They can be personalised with the company’s logo so that employees feel a certain connection with the company.

If you are looking for more ideas on corporate gifting check out our blog 7 Concepts From The Best Corporate Gifting Company.

Welcome New Employees With Customized Kit

Employees join a company with a lot of hopes and apprehensions. An employee welcome kit would be an ideal way to make them feel connected to the company and valued from the beginning. The new hire kit can consist of basic information about the company like the brochure, joining protocol, notepads, basic stationery and a customised welcome gift. It would be great if you can personalise it further by adding their name or tagline to the kit. 

The Gift Lounge can help you put together an employee welcome kit for your new joinees as per your requirement. We can also help you with the screen printing of the company logo and relevant branding.

Why have an Onboarding Employee Welcome Kit?

Employees join your company with a lot of hopes and dreams. They also come with a lot of apprehensions about the company and the processes. An onboarding employee welcome kit will help you to connect with them. It will make them feel valued and develop a long term impression. During onboarding, you can consider giving your new hires a welcome kit of items needed to start their work at your company. They can be a variety of things like an organiser, notepads, pens, brochures, wireless devices, gadgets, earphones, headsets, sipper bottles to name a few. The selection of the gift items can be based on your company’s budget and ideology.

Basic Items in the Joining Kit

It’s a commonly used quote that first impression is the last impression and it’s quite true with employees towards a company that they want to work with. For a company, employee satisfaction is the key and it matters a lot for its growth and success in the long run. An employee welcome kit or a joining kit is given to the new joiners on the first day of their tenure in the company to develop a sense of belonging in them and feel welcomed. This kit usually comprises handbooks, brochures and information about the company, a welcome letter and gift items like notepads, pens, office stationery, a water bottle or a coffee mug.

Compiling Welcome Kit for Employees

Employees join a company with a lot of hope and aspirations. They look forward to a challenging and conducive environment to work in. It is important that as an employer you should also dedicate your time and resources to onboarding and engaging your new hires. In today’s competitive and transient business environment it has become a trend as well as a necessity.

Employee Welcome Kit is an excellent way to make your employees feel valued and included in your company. Consider welcoming your new employees with an appealing and well-compiled onboarding welcome kit. It can include the basic brochures and information about your company along with gifts, stationery as well as accessories needed for their workstation.

We can offer the expertise in compiling a well-planned and customized welcome kit complete with the printing of the company logo and branding. You can also find an array of gift items which you can either individualize or buy in bulk for all the new hires joining your company.

Boost Morale With Joining Kits

Joining kits plays an important role on the induction day in every company. The new hires tend to observe their first day of work as a future stability with the company. It is indeed necessary to welcome them with a kit at the induction session. New employee joining kits can reflect the culture of the company, expressing its values and ethics. Talk to our experts, they will help you choose valued gifts for the new hire kit. We specialize in customizing the gifts and the kits with your branding.

Creating An Impact With Corporate Welcome Kit

Employees are the most important component of a company and giving them a corporate welcome kit is necessary. They join a company intending to develop a career as well as have a bright future. The office staffs  have a lot of hopes and aspirations. They look forward to having a challenging as well as a comfortable journey with the company. It has become a trend to create an impact among the employees who are starting a career with a company by giving them a corporate welcome kit. The best welcome kit for new employees usually comprises brochures with profiles and information about the company, along with basic office accessories and stationery. The kit can also include a personalised gift with the company logo and branding.

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